The Importance of Celebrating Your Victories

This post is actually a section of the book I chose to cut in the end. I still think this is relevant, however, so I wanted to share it with you. Before I get started, I should also note that my definition for victory/breakthrough is pretty broad. I think breakthrough can mean getting past something that’s held you back, but also finding the root of what’s held you back, hurt your heart, etc. In my mind, revelation is always a winif I uncover something, I’m still making steps in the right direction. So, with further adieu…

Celebrating your victories is something that we often forget or overlook, but it is so necessary in order to thrive in the midst of process. And here’s why: if all you focus on are all the ways you’re not healed and all the breakthroughs you still haven’t had, you are going to want to give up. You have to give yourself permission to enjoy the freedom and as it comes. Take a moment to let the joy of a breakthrough lift your spirit—don’t squelch it by thinking about what you still need to get free from. Be present in the goodness of God and just soak in the fact that you are freer now than you were before.

Celebrating victories is also one way you stay grateful, and therefore, have joy in the midst of the pain. A few things that make it easier to do this are:

  • Telling someone about your breakthrough: when you testify of God’s goodness in something you’ve overcome, no matter how small, you are releasing that freedom into the atmosphere. And when you tell people about your breakthrough, you are actually unlocking that breakthrough in their lives.
  • Traditions with God: it could be something as simple as going to a special place you have with Him, or listening to a certain song that is personal to your relationship. You could even make it a tradition to write down your breakthroughs on rocks and throw them into a lake, or the ocean, etc.
  • Reminding yourself of past victories: if you keep a journal, it’s a really good idea to write down your breakthroughs. That way, when you feel discouraged, you can see how far you’ve come, and gain the courage to keep moving forward.

Now, obviously you don’t have to do all or any of these things. God is not going to withhold from you because you don’t. I am simply suggesting you give yourself credit for not running from your pain and being willing to face the hard stuff. Celebrating your victories is like the sucker you get when you go to the doctor as a kid. It’s something sweet in exchange for something that was painful or uncomfortable.  You don’t have to take the sucker, but when you’re in the doctor’s office every week, you might decide you want one. I’m just saying.

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